Our services

VENTIRA provides investment management solutions to individuals, high net worth and ultra high net worth clients, and it offers both discretionary asset management and non-discretionary investment advisory services. Each client’s assets are managed in a separate account maintained at a Swiss bank. Generally, VENTIRA prefers its client relationships to have a minimum of USD 1’500’000.– of assets under management or under advise.
VENTIRA’s client portfolios are globally diversified across multiple asset classes. Accounts may include without limitation: equity securities, fixed income securities, limited partnership interests, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, hedge funds, structured product investments and other alternative investments consistent with a client’s objective, risk tolerance, reference currency, tax situation, investment time horizon and overall suitability. For the purpose of diversification, client accounts may hold non US dollar securities in markets outside the US.
Whilst generally VENTIRA makes investments with a longer time horizon, VENTIRA may recommend changes to allocations in an attempt to take advantage of conditions in the current economic environment whilst being sensitive to transaction cost and taxes, as applicable.

Discretionary Services

VENTIRA offers a discretionary asset management service designed for investors who wish to have their assets fully managed by VENTIRA in four investment strategies as a foundation of a client tailor-made portfolio. Security/Income/Growth or Aggressive-Growth Strategy.

Non-Discretionary Services

VENTIRA offers two non-discretionary services: a portfolio advisory service and an investment advisory service.

The Portfolio Advisory Service is similar to the discretionary portfolio management service in terms of investment approach; however VENTIRA requires client consent before effecting any securities transaction. VENTIRA provides portfolio advice and trading recommendations but all decisions regarding the investment of the account reside with the client. This service is designed for clients who desire holistic management of their account but who want to retain involvement in every investment decision. As a result clients under this service offering may not be invested in the same manner as those clients with the Discretionary Asset Management service.

The Investment Advisory Service permits clients to consult with VENTIRA from time to time on the client’s specific investment questions pertaining to individual investment opportunities as identified by the client. This service offering is designed for clients who wish to use VENTIRA as an advisory resource when making investment decisions but who desire to retain responsibility for determining the allocations of their investment portfolio. VENTIRA does not monitor the overall risk of the accounts of clients selecting this service.